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Great New Picture Book Adventures!

The #1 New York Times bestselling team behind DIARY OF A SPIDER and DIARY OF A WORM is back. This time their hero really soars…because she’s a fly! She is able to see in all directions at once, has pesky brothers and sisters (327 of them!), and dreams of becoming a superhero, able to bend steel with her bare hands and save the world from outer-space villains. But as big as her dreams are, she learns that we’re all heroes, no matter how small. Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss are at their hilarious best as Fly’s aerodynamic adventures take fabulous flight. In each of Cronin and Bliss’s books, there’s a special message about being small in a big world. DIARY OF A WORM reminds us how important it is to love the earth. DIARY OF A SPIDER reminds us that friendship can be found even between natural enemies, in this case a spider and a fly. And DIARY OF A FLY reminds us that even the tiniest of creatures makes a difference in this great big world.
(Ages 3-8, $15.99)
Caldecott Honor winner Mo Willems (DON’T LET THE PIGEONS DRIVE THE BUS! and KNUFFLE BUNNY: A CAUTIONARY TALE) presents his latest picture book KNUFFLE BUNNY TOO: A CASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY. Her daddy in tow, Trixie hurries to school to show off her one-of-a-kind Knuffle Bunny to her classmates. But an awful surprise awaits her: someone else has the exact same bunny! Thus begins an exciting, frustrating, and ultimately revelatory twenty-four hours of squabbling, teacher-enforced bunny “time outs”, bedtime realizations, late-night phone calls, and a special middle-of-the-night encounter. With stunning photography and hilarious illustrations, Mo Willems’s sequel to KNUFFLE BUNNY: A CAUTIONARY TALE is another wonderfully true story that will have the whole family laughing. (Ages 3-7, $16.99)

Emily Gravett’s MEERKAT MAIL introduces Sunny the meerkat who lives with his enormous family in the Kalahari Desert. He likes beetles on toast (with insect larvae), daydreaming, and digging holes. One day Sunny decides he’s had enough of his brothers and sisters and cousins so he packs his bags. As he travels he sends postcards back to his family. Where in the world is Sunny Meerkat? Just lift and read the colorful postcards on the pages of the book to track his journey. From the watery world of the marsh mongoose to the nocturnal lifestyle of the Malagasy mongoose, Sunny travels to the exotic reaches of the Kalahari and eventually comes to realize that there’s no place like home. (Ages 4-8, $17.99)
Holy guacamole! In SKIPPYJON JONES AND THE BIG BONES by Judy Schachner we find that Skippyjon Jones is crazy-loco for dinosaurs! The kitty boy enters (via his closet) the land of dinosaurs in search of the fabled Skipposaurus. Instead he runs into his old amigos, the Chimichango gang. When a T-Mex threatens the pack, it’s El Skippito, the great sword fighter, to the rescue. With yips and yowls, he drives the big baddie away, so all the dino-dudes can rattle their bones another day. This fourth entry in the series will win even more fans for the Siamese cat with oversize ears and an imagination to match. (Ages 3 up, $16.99)

Katherine Holabird has added to the Angelina series with ANGELINA’S INVITATION TO THE BALLET. Angelina Ballerina is the winner of two tickets to a ballet - who will she choose to take with her? The answer can be found in the six envelopes inside this book! Readers can pull out letters, invitations, tickets to the performance, and a special keepsake poster as they follow along with the story. Featuring a padded cover with eye-catching foil details, this charming book will make an excellent gift for any Angelina fan.
(Ages 3 up, $16.99)
From the creative photographers and digital artists at Bender & Bender comes this mix-and-match flip book where pictures and text are cut into thirds, enabling readers to create more than 3,000 different froggy combinations. What do you get when you mix-and-match the eyes, mouth, and body of fourteen different frogs all dressed up in costume? There are thousands of hilarious froggy combinations in RIBBIT! Flip and See Who Froggy Can Be. Mix Cowboy Chad with Snapshot Suzie and Hungry Harry to get a cowboy hat with a cheesy smile eating worms. Or don’t mix at all - just match the colors to view a quirky costumed frog, like Momma Mildred or Royal Randy with their own rhyming descriptions. This amusing book will provide hours and hours of pure entertainment!
(Ages 2 and up, $16.99)

VIOLET GOES TO THE COUNTRY by Melanie Cecka is the second in a series of bestselling Mitford Storybooks inspired by Cynthia Coppersmith, a character from Jan Karon’s Mitford Years series. Violet and her owner, Alice, are off to the country for a visit. Violet is as excited as can be, but she keeps getting in the way of Alice’s uncle Leo (who is “not much of a cat person”). Violet will warm the hearts of Jan Karon fans and cat-lovers alike. (Ages 3 up, $15.99)
From acclaimed actress Julianne Moore and award-winning illustrator LeUyen Pham comes FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY a delightful story of a little girl who’s different…just like everybody else. If you have freckles, you can try these things:

1) Make them go away. Unless scrubbing doesn’t work.

2) Cover them up. Unless your mom yells at you for using a marker.

3) Disappear. Um, where’d you go? Oh, there you are.

There’s one other thing you can do:

Because after all, the things that make you different also make you YOU.
(Ages 4-8, $16.95)

Jan Brett takes us to the Arctic for an Inuit “Goldilocks” in THE THREE SNOW BEARS. Aloo-kie glances up from fishing and sees her sled dogs floating off on a ice floe. She races after them and comes upon an igloo. Being a curious girl, she goes inside only to find no one home. That’s because the polar bear family who lives there is out walking while their breakfast cools off. Aloo-kie eats some soup, tries on their boots, and finally crawls into the smallest bed for a nap. Meanwhile Papa, Mama and Baby Bear see her dogs adrift, swim out to rescue them and return home to find Aloo-kie fast asleep in Baby Bear’s bed. The decorative Inuit patterns and clothing Jan uses throughout are sure to attract adult fans and collectors while children will want to listen to and look at this exciting version of a well-loved story over and over again. (All ages, $16.99)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROWN BEAR! Forty years ago, Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle collaborated on their first book, BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE? This best seller has been read by millions of children around the world. Now readers can enjoy this beloved classic in a larger format showcasing Eric Carle’s spectacular art alongside Bill Martin’s familiar, rhythmic text. Included in this 40th Anniversary Edition is the complete story on CD read by Gwyneth Paltrow. (Ages 4-8. $19.95)

In the new BABY BEAR, BABY BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE?, young readers will enjoy Baby Bear’s quest to find Mama while reveling in identifying each of the native North American animals that appear along the way. This gentle story is the final collaboration from Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle, the creators of the classic bear book series that began forty years ago. For decades, these groundbreaking books have been enjoyed by parents, teachers, and children and have helped millions learn to read. BABY BEAR, BABY BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE?, a celebration of familiar wildlife - and the special bond between mother and child - is a fitting finale to a beloved series.
(Ages 4-8, $16.95)
Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, whose first book together PINKALICIOUS was a bestseller, now introduce us to their latest picture book PURPLICIOUS. Everyone knows that Pinkalicious loves the color pink. But one day at school all the girls decide that pink stinks and black is in. When Pinkalicious does not agree with the crowd, they tease her. She develops a bad case of the blues and wonders if anyone out there shares her love for all things pink. In this colorful follow-up, a young girl stays true to herself and discovers that pink isn’t only a pretty color - it’s also a powerful one. Purplicious forever! (Ages 5-8, $16.99)

THE BOY WHO PAINTED DRAGONS, written and illustrated by award-winning artist Demi, brings to life a dragon of a tale! In a swirl of smoke and fire, a large, powerful dragon appears, and a boy named Ping is confronted by his greatest fear. Ping has been drawing dragons throughout his home in an attempt to downplay his fear, but the dragons believe the paintings to be a show of respect. To honor Ping, the Heavenly Dragon presents the boy with three pearls of wisdom. However, in order to comprehend their true meaning, Ping must actually seek out the creatures that he most wants to avoid, taking him on a journey of courage, truth, and triumph. Demi interprets this story of valor and self-discovery with bold, dramatic strokes of color and emotion. Two sweeping gatefolds and gold and silver metallic inks emphasize Demi’s stunning, distinctive art style.
(Ages 7 and up, $21.99)
KNUT: How One Little Polar Bear Captivated the World told by Juliana, Isabella, and Craig Hatkoff and Dr. Gerald R. Uhlich. On December 5, 2006, in a quiet corner of Zoo Berlin in Germany, a little polar bear cub was born. His name was Knut, and he was no bigger than a snowball. Knut’s mother was unable to care for him, so a bear keeper at the zoo, Thomas Dorflein, became Knut’s foster father - sleeping next to the little cub each night, feeding him from bottles, and helping him learn how to play and swim. This is the true story of a bear cub who needed a family, and the extraordinary outpouring of love he received. Featuring exclusive photographs from Zoo Berlin KNUT is a book that will capture your heart. (All ages, $16.95)

A Bumper Crop of Christmas Books

THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS - A Magical Cut-Paper Edition Clement C. Moore’s “Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas”, first published in 1825, spurred a revision of Yuletide traditions with its image of a merry Santa Claus beloved by children around the world. Now a cut-paper edition of the poem, with exquisite illustrations by Niroot Puttapipat, elicits the magic of the season through moonlit silhouettes. With scenes that transform with the turn of each page, revealing the fine details and decorations of a festive family home, the keepsake edition features a final pop-up spread that captures all the excitement of a special night.
(All ages, $16.00)
When bestselling artist Susan Jeffers realized there were no versions of THE NUTCRACKER that depicted just the ballet (instead of the extended fairy tale that she felt was too long and complex for a young child), she set out to create a Nutcracker unlike any done before, with lovely spare text and exquisite art. Each year a new crop of children flock to the Nutcracker ballet. Seeing it is tradition for hundreds of thousands of families across the United States. Here is a gift that gives even the youngest child a front-row seat at the world’s most beloved holiday ballet. (Ages 3-8, $16.99)

Author Kay Thompson and illustrator Hilary Knight visit with Eloise preparing for Christmas in ELOISE’S CHRISTMAS TRINKLES. Six-year-old, Eloise loves Christmas and is spreading holiday cheer all over the Plaza Hotel. She hangs holly and berries in the halls, trims the tree, and goes to the holiday parties. She even sings carols for the guests. But the best part of all is dreaming of Santa coming to the Plaza and waking up to a gift that sparkles and trinkles: a diamond necklace! Oooooo! Eloise absolutely loves Christmas, and fans of Eloise will absolutely love, love, love this darling Christmas trinkle. (All ages, $9.99)
Olivia helps with Christmas: Everyone’s favorite Caldecott Honor-winning porcine heroine and #1 Kris Kringle enthusiast is helping to make the season brighter than ever. Christmas is coming and Olivia is incredibly busy. She has to wait for Santa, make sure Dad sets up the tree, wait for Santa, watch Mom make the Christmas dinner, wait for Santa, oversee the care with which the stockings are hung, and, of course, open her presents! Ian Falconer’s lovingly told and lavishly illustrated is the perfect stuffing for any stocking and the newest star atop the Olivia series. (Ages 3-7, $18.99)

Rod Green introduces us to SANTA’S REINDEER, a companion to last year’s bestseller SANTA CLAUS also illustrated by Jon Lucas and Carol Wright. You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, but do you know what they love to eat or how the reindeer are chosen to be part of Santa’s Sleigh Team? Or how they train? Or just what their favorite reindeer games are? Well, SANTA’S REINDEER fills you in on everything you ever wanted to know about the North Pole’s most magical creatures. This amazingly designed book has flaps and foldouts as well as a reindeer training manual and a diploma certifying the reader as a genuine stable elf! (Ages 4-10, $16.99)

In the dark of winter, deep in the woods, a lone bear is awakened from his winter sleep by a soft and mysterious sound. Under the stars the bear finds his way step by step through the snowy forest, making friends along his route. Then the bear discovers a place in the woods that glows magically with something he and his friends could never have imagined - their first Christmas. Robert Kinerk’s inspired story and Jim LaMarche’s glimmering illustrations combine in a picture book that captures the joy and spirit of Christmas. Come along with bear and his friends and see the magical light of BEAR’S FIRST CHRISTMAS.
(Ages 4-8, $16.99)

First published in 1995, THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE OF JONATHAN TOOMEY by Susan Wojciechowski, has been enhanced with completely new notes from the author and illustrator as well as a story time CD read by James Earl Jones. Jonathan Toomey is the best woodcarver in the valley, but he is always alone and never smiles. No one knows about the mementos of his lost wife and child that he keeps in an unopened drawer. But one early winter’s day, a widow and her young son approach him with a gentle request that leads to a joyful miracle. The moving, lyrical tale, gloriously illustrated by P.J. Lynch has been widely hailed as a true Christmas classic. (Ages 6-12, $14.99)
Written in 1857, WE THREE KINGS has been a favorite Christmas carol for decades. Internationally renowned artist Gennady Spirin has taken this ageless story of the three wise men’s journey to the Nativity and created a masterpiece with paintings so exquisitely detailed and wrought that they, too, are a gift - to that baby in the manger and to you.
(All ages, $16.99)

Celebrate Hanukkah

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S Holidays Around the World series of books introduces readers in grades one through four to different religious and cultural holidays celebrated around the globe. Deborah Heiligman has added to this collection with CELEBRATE HANUKKAH WITH LIGHT, LATKES, AND DREIDELS. Families gather to sing songs, exchange gifts, and remember miracles that happened long ago. Hanukkah is one of the most joyous holidays on the Jewish calendar, and in this book readers find out why. Heiligman looks at how Jews from the United States to Israel to Africa and India celebrate the “Festival of Lights.” Photographs are used in this elegant portrait to tell the story. (Ages 6 and up, $15.95)
I HAVE A LITTLE DREIDEL by Maxie Baum and illustrated by Julie Paschkis celebrates Hanukkah with a festive adaptation of the ever popular Dreidel Song. This favorite Hanukkah song is given new life in this charmingly illustrated variation. Following the traditional first verse (I have a little dreidel; I made it out of clay…), the rhyming text depicts a convivial family gathering to make latkes, light the menorah, and play a joyful game of dreidel, with each new stanza followed by the familiar chorus. Included in the book are the music and the words to the Dreidel Song, How to Play Dreidel and How to Make Potato Latkes. (Ages 4-8, $9.99)

In THE MIRACLE OF HANUKKAH author/illustrator Seymour Chwast has designed a unique stepped-page format to create a colorful tableau that changes with each turn of the page. The story of Hanukkah begins in 165 B.C.E. when the Temple of Jerusalem was looted and turned into a temple to the Greek gods by Antiochus IV. Follow the Maccabees as they overcome all odds to defeat the Syrian army, restore the Temple, and experience the miracle of the burning oil during the first Hanukkah celebration. (Ages 4-8, $14.95)

Ages 10 and up...
Adapted for A New Generation from Al Gore’s bestseller An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming, may be one of the best gifts you will ever give. We are facing a climate crisis, one that may seem to be happening slowly but is actually happening very quickly. If we don’t recognize that this is a real crisis and take action, then the consequences will only get worse. The threat of extinction to endangered species such as polar bears would increase. Water levels could rise so much that millions of people would be permanently flooded out of their homes. More powerful and destructive storms would happen frequently. And that’s just the beginning of how the Earth could change forever. But the good news is we have the knowledge and the ability to solve this crisis. The choice to put a stop to global warming is ours.
(Adapted for ages 11 and up, $16.00)

This spectacular volume explores the historical context, future developments, and impact of today’s hottest inventions. COOL STUFF 2.0: And How It Works takes readers on an eye-opening journey through today’s most cutting-edge technology. From the engine of a hydrogen-powered car, to Sony’s PlayStation, readers will get an in-depth look at the gadgets that shape our world. (Ages 10+, $24,95)
HISTORY OF THE WORLD: From the Ancient Egyptians to the Asian Tsunami - The Ultimate Guide to the History of the World. Take an incredible journey across thousands of years with this definitive 400 page world history volume spanning every continent and era, from the time when humans first walked the earth to the age of space travel. Covers major events of the 21st century from the Human Genome Project to Hurricane Katrina. Bonus section focuses on the history of the United States;  by Plantagenet, Somerset Fry and Simon Adams. (Ages 10+, $39.99)

With more than 4 million copies in print, recognized as a Newbery Honor Book and honored with numerous additional awards, HATCHET by Gary Paulson is truly a contemporary masterpiece. Now, on its twentieth anniversary, this classic survival story account of Brian Robeson’s endurance in the wilderness is presented in an all new edition. For the first time the complete text is illustrated with detailed halftone drawings. A new introduction is also included as well as sidebars by Gary Paulsen that provide background and insight into the story. This handsome edition will be cherished by the many fans of this unforgettable tale as well as by the many new readers it will attract.
(Ages 10-14, $19.99)
From the publisher of last year’s award-winning best seller Pick Me Up comes DO NOT OPEN: An Encyclopedia of the World’s Best-Kept Secrets. Inside you’ll find the incredible truth about secret stuff you’re not suppose to know: weird history, strange science, mysterious places, random happenings, freaky facts of nature… How do you crack a safe? Can it rain frogs? >From DNA to the CIA, hackers to hoaxers, time travel to telepathy: it’s all in here. From Mona Lisa’s hidden past to the history of Area 51, DO NOT OPEN explores lost worlds, unravels secret mysteries, and lets readers step through the looking glass to see if they can handle the truth! (Ages 10+, $24.99)

Frank Lloyd Wright was the most influential architect of the twentieth century - and a rogue genius whose life was a wild ride as we learn from author Jan Adkins latest addition to the Up Close series, UP CLOSE: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT. Only Wright’s creative vision mattered to him. That vision transformed the way we live, sweeping aside the Victorian home and creating a uniquely American architecture exemplified by his Prairie Style houses. Adkin’s fascinating biography of this compelling, infuriating, larger-than-life figure will change the way every reader looks at architecture.
(Ages 11 and up, $16.99)
Talk about a “glowing reputation”! Marie Curie, the woman who coined the term radioactivity, won not just one Nobel prize but two - in physics and in chemistry, both supposedly girl-phobic sciences. Noted social historian Kathleen Krull offers readers a fascinating portrait of this mythic “giant of science” who abhorred publicity. GIANTS OF SCIENCE: MARIE CURIE, Illustrated by Boris Kulikov, places Curie’s ground-breaking discovery of two elements within the framework of science at that time. (Ages 11 and up, $15.99)

ROOSEVELT AND THE RISE OF MODERN AMERICA by Albert Marrin. Theodore Roosevelt is one of America’s liveliest and most influential figures. He was a scholar, cowboy, war hero, explorer, and a brilliant politician. As president, Roosevelt’s far-reaching policies abroad and at home forever changed both our nation’s place in the world and the life of every modern American. Fascinating details and an intimate, fast-paced narrative explore the heroic life and complex world of an American icon. (Ages 12 to adult, $30.00)

Gift Books For All Ages
This deluxe edition of THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER is the perfect way to celebrate the enduring popularity of A.A. Milne’s classic work and a stunning companion to the WINNIE-THE-POOH 80th ANNIVERSARY EDITION ($19.99). The interior features the unabridged text and Ernest H. Shephard’s charming illustrations in full color on cream-colored stock. The specially designed jacket sports lovely blue metallic ink and a die-cut window that reveals the full-color art on the case cover. It is an impressive package for new fans and collectors both. Three cheers for Pooh! (All ages, $19.99)

THE COMPLETE ALICE (slipcased gift set) by Lewis Carroll illustrated by Helen Oxenbury welcomes us back to a Wonderland that is as astonishingly new as it is joyously familiar! Lavishly illustrated by the incomparable Helen Oxenbury, these exuberant editions of Lewis Carroll’s beloved classics brim with warmth and humor as they depict a spirited Alice who is truly a child of our times. Featuring a handsome slipcase holding hardcover editions of both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass, this collectible set offers contemporary children their own utterly accessible view into the whimsical world of Lewis Carroll. (Ages 8 up, $49.98)
Attention dog lovers - don’t miss YOU‘RE A GOOD DOG, CARL. Alexandra Day has combined six of her Carl classics into one gift volume just in time for the holidays! “Take good care of the baby, Carl.” Mother knows she can trust Carl, a large and loveable Rottweiler, to watch over baby Madeleine. What she doesn’t know is that the minute she’s gone, Carl and the baby gallop off on adventures. In this collection of popular Carl stories, Carl and the baby explore a department store, a park, and even a masquerade ball - and always make it back before Mother knows they’re gone. Carl and Madeleine’s joyful romps, told mainly through lush, wordless spreads, are gathered together here for the first time, and will delight children and all those who take care of them. (Ages 4 and up, $29.99)

GOLDEN LEGACY: How Golden Books Won Children’s Hearts, Changed Publishing Forever, and Became an American Icon Along the Way by Leonard Marcus. The year 2007 marks the 65th anniversary of a bold experiment: the launch of the Little Golden Books during the dark days of World War II. At a time when the literacy rate was not nearly as high as it is now - and privation was felt by nearly all - quality books for children would now be available at a price nearly everyone could afford (25 cents), and sold where ordinary people shopped. GOLDEN LEGACY is a lively history of a company, a line of books, the groundbreaking writers and artists who created them, the clever mavericks who marketed them, and the cultural landscape that surrounded them.
(All ages, $40.00)
ARTIST TO ARTIST: 23 Major Illustrators Talk to Children About Their Art. In this remarkable and beautiful anthology featuring the likes of Maurice Sendak, Robert Sabuda, Rosemary Wells, and Eric Carle, twenty-three of the most honored and beloved artists in children’s literature talk informally to children - sharing secrets about their art and how they began their adventures into illustration. Fold-out pages featuring photographs of their early work, their studios and materials, as well as sketches and finished art create an exuberant feast for the eye that will attract both children and adults. Self-portraits of each illustrator crown this important anthology that celebrates the artists and the art of the picture book. (All ages, $30.00)

2007 BOLOGNA ANNUAL: Illustrators Of Children’s Books. The official catalog of the 2007 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition showcases the recent work of some of the world’s finest children’s book illustrators. The exhibition is one of the largest and most prestigious international competitions for children’s book artists and attracts nearly 2,500 artists from around the world - 92 of whom are in this catalog. Filled with a wide variety of paintings, drawings, and collages chosen for their originality and artistic quality, it’s the ideal reference for all who delight in the magic of children’s book art. (All ages, $55.00)

Incredible Novelty/Interactive Gift Books
LucasBooks and Matthew Reinhart join forces to celebrate the 30th anniversary of STAR WARS! Featuring more than 35 pop-ups, STAR WARS: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy is a three-dimensional extravaganza that takes readers on a moveable journey into the fantastic STAR WARS universe. Don’t miss the working light sabers! (Ages 7 and up, $32.99)

Set sail on a pop-up voyage for the ages. Herman Melville’s epic saga, MOBY-DICK, is vividly brought to life in this three-dimensional graphic novel adaptation, the first of its kind. Trace Captain Ahab’s obsessive quest for the white whale in comic book-style panels, speech balloons, and spectacular color illustrations that dramatically rise up and off the page. This phenomenal work has been created by multi-talented artist Sam Ita, apprentice to one of the world’s master paper engineers, Robert Sabuda. Ita will take you on an unforgettable adventure. (Ages 8 and up, $24.95)
TITANIC by Martin Jenkins and illustrated by Brian Sanders combines a model of the Titanic nearly 2-½ feet long, a 32 page book exploring the ship’s history, six pop-up scenes of the Titanic’s interior, a deck plan and personal histories of several who were lost or saved, and much more in a beautifully designed case with magnetic closures. On April 14, 1912 the largest and finest ocean liner of the age struck an iceberg and sank to the icy depths. Now you can rediscover all the glory and tragedy of the Titanic in this interactive re-creation of her maiden voyage. Follow the ship’s history from blueprint to ocean dream in this fascinating book that traces the events that led to her tragic end. (Ages 8 and up, $29.99)

ALIVE: The Living, Breathing Human Body Book by Richard Walker. What does it mean to be alive? Your body is a miracle of engineering - that’s why this book is too. See your skull leap off the page, watch your brain light up with electrical impulses, and listen to your heart as it beats within an awe-inspiring 3-D ribcage. ALIVE is the perfect pulsating introduction to the human body. The pop-ups, flaps, sounds, and fiber optics draw you in and leave you marveling at what goes on under your skin. This is a book to inform, stimulate, and entertain. (Ages 8 and up, $24.99)
PRINCESS ALYSS OF WONDERLAND by Frank Beddor. At last, these lost letters and scrapbook tell the true story about Alyss of Wonderland. Feast your eyes on the collected memorabilia of the real Alyss! This lavishly illustrated scrapbook includes: Alyss’ embattled correspondence with Lewis Carroll. Actual annotated manuscript pages from ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND as well as early reviews from the book. A flip book given to Alyss by John Tenniel, the original illustrator of Carroll’s whimsical tale. Removable letters that the princess wrote to her loved ones back home. And much more! This is a book for fans of fantasy and of the bestselling “ology” books, for Lewis Carroll scholars, and especially for young girls in search of a fresh, new, princess story. (Ages 8 to adult, $19.99)

HOW TO FIND FLOWER FAIRIES by Cicely Mary Barker. After centuries of being hidden from human sight, the Flower Fairies allowed Cicely Mary Barker a glimpse into their enchanted fairy world in FAIRYOPOLIS. Now you can continue the adventure with this spectacular new novelty book where every page unlocks the secrets behind the magical places the fairies call home. Five eye-popping spreads include intricate three-dimensional pop-up images of flowers and trees that magically open up to reveal the secret homes of the fairies. Lift-the-flaps, booklets, maps and other ephemera provide interactive fun on every page leading up to a stunning surprise on the final spread. (Ages 7 to adult, $19.99)

Get ready - this is the world of EXTREME DINOSAURS! They are fierce, fast, ferocious…and all of them extreme! Prepare to find out everything you ever wanted to know about the fastest, loudest, smallest, slowest, tallest, smartest, and most ferocious dinosaurs to walk to Earth. Robert Mash and Stuart Martin have given us this big, bold, boisterous book packed with info, images, and interactive bits about all the dinosaurs who made the record books. Included are a pullout dinosaur wall poster, a foldout family tree, a look inside dinosaur eggs, a life-size swiveling claw, a pullout dino quiz, a pop-up snarling Velociraptor, flaps and foldouts galore and much more. (Ages 6-12, $21.99)

What is a museum? Look for the answer in THE MUSEUM BOOK - A Guide to Strange and Wonderful Collections. Why would anyone amass shells, words, clocks, teeth, trains, dinosaurs, mummies…or two-headed sheep? Find out where the word museum comes from and what unusual items (unicorn horns? mermaids?) some early museums placed on view. Author Jan Mark’s humorous and conversational insights take readers through museums’ multifaceted history, while Richard Holland’s eye-catching mixed-media illustrations lend their own quirky flair. With vivid examples from all around the world, this book puts museums - and the many artifacts lovingly stored there - on display in a whole new light. (Ages 8 and up, $18.99)
From the #1 New York Times bestselling series comes an interactive look at the world of Arthur Spiderwick in THE CHRONICLES OF SPIDERWICK: A Grand Tour of the Enchanted World, Navigated by Thimbletack. Take a tour with Thimbletack, the inhabitant and protector of the Spiderwick household, as he guides you through his scrapbook and personal collection. Learn the history of the Spiderwick estate and its former occupants, peruse lost letters that uncover long-held secrets, and read through clips of stories from around the world about encounters with strange and mythical creatures. THE CHRONICLES OF SPIDERWICK comes complete with pullouts, pop-ups, foldouts and more. Their world has arrived. Dare to step inside? (All ages, $21.99)

Ages 12 and UP

DRAGONHAVEN by Robin McKinley. Robin McKinley is the critically-acclaimed author of numerous novels, including the Newbery Medal winner The Hero and the Crown and the Newbery Honor winner The Blue Sword. In DRAGONHAVEN her vivid descriptions of life on a nature preservation that is home to over 200 dragons will captivate and enthrall readers of all ages. Jake Mendoza lives at the Makepeace Institute of Integrated Dragon Studies in Smokehill National Park. Smokehill is home to about two hundred of the few remaining draco australians, which is extinct in the wild. Keeping a preserve for dragons is controversial: detractors say dragons are extremely dangerous and unjustifiably expensive to keep and should be destroyed. Environmentalists and friends say there are no records of them eating humans and they are a unique example of specialist evolution and must be protected. But they are up to eighty feet long and breathe fire. On his first overnight solo trek, Jake finds a dragon - a dragon dying next to the human she killed. Jake realizes this news could destroy Smokehill - even though the dead man is clearly a poacher who had attacked the dragon first, that fact will be lost in the outcry against dragons. But then Jake is struck by something more urgent - he sees that the dragon has just given birth, and one of the babies is still alive. What he decides to do will determine not only their futures, but the future of Smokehill itself. (Ages 12 up, $17.99)
New from Cindy Post Senning, ED.D and Peggy Post! TEEN MANNERS: From Malls to Meals to Messaging and Beyond is a useful guide that answers questions that come up in real life from the most trusted name in etiquette: Emily Post. Let’s face it, how we behave is a choice, and as you move into your adult life, the choices get more complicated. You are out in the world, meeting all kinds of people and going different places on your own. Questions of etiquette seem to pop up everywhere you go. Not to worry, help is at hand! (Ages 12+, $15.99)

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INTRODUCING CALIFORNIA MOSAIC - A Cookbook Celebrating Cultures and Cuisine from The Junior League of Pasadena. We are pleased to offer the latest in a long line of Junior League of Pasadena’s remarkable cookbooks! CALIFORNIA MOSAIC is a celebration of the many pieces that make up the mosaic of life in California. San Marino Toy and Book Shoppe invites you to come by and preview this lovely new edition from the ladies of our community. We will be happy to wrap extra copies for you to keep on hand for holiday gifts!
(Ages 12 And Up, $29.95)

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