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Have Fun With the Latest Crop of Picture Books!

Avast, mateys! Here be Melinda Long and David Shannon’s latest pirate adventure PIRATES DON’T CHANGE DIAPERS. When the pirate crew turns up at Jeremy Jacob's house and accidentally wakes his baby sister, that wee scallywag howls louder than a storm on the high seas. Sure, there's buried treasure to be found, but nobody's digging up anything until Bonney Anne quits her caterwauling. So, quicker than you can say "scurvy dog," Braid Beard and his swashbuckling pirates become . . . babysitters? Blimey! This hilarious companion to How I Became a Pirate reveals that minding the nursery can be even more terrifying than walking the plank--especially if you're a pirate. (Ages 4-8, $16.00)
Lois Ehlert’s WAG A TAIL takes us on a trip to the farmers market with a group of friendly, furry, and (mostly) well-behaved pups. And when the shopping's done, the gang heads to the dog park for some serious playing. Readers will be wowed by the gorgeous collage illustrations, subtle counting elements, jaunty text, and--best of all--dogs galore! Includes a spread that features pictures, names, and traits of all the dogs, so children can go back and follow their favorites throughout the story. (Preschool-K, $16.00)

GHOST SHIP by Mary Higgins Clark tells of Thomas who loved his summer visits to his grandmother's on Cape Cod. He spent hours wondering about the sailing ships of the past and imagining their stories. He dreamed of being on a sailing ship himself. One afternoon after a night of terrible thunderstorms, Thomas finds, deep in the sand, a weathered, old-fashioned belt buckle. When he picks it up, a boy his own age, Silas Rich, who was a cabin boy on a ship called the Monomoy that sailed almost 250 years ago, appears. Suddenly the world of sailing ships is very near as Silas tells his tale. Beloved and bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark tells a story of mystery and adventure that will transport readers to a time and place beyond their imaginings in her first book for children. Wendell Minor's inspired paintings make a time long ago very real. (Ages 6-10, $17.99)
There is another desert party in the works in Ann Whitford Paul’s FIESTA FIASCO the spicy companion book to Mañana, Iguana. This time it is Snake’s birthday, and Iguana, Tortoise, and Rabbit are shopping for birthday gifts to bring to his fiesta. But what presents should they buy for Snake? In a sneaky twist, Rabbit convinces them to buy gifts that aren’t for Snake at all—but for him! With a clever text, a sprinkling of Spanish vocabulary, and lively illustrations by Ethan Long, this author-illustrator team presents quite the fiesta fiasco. Glossary included. (Ages 4-8, $16.95)

Mary Ann Hoberman and Tiphanie Beeke have together created a universal tale about the love and comfort that only a grandma can provide in I’M GOING TO GRANDMA’S. What could be better than a visit to Grandma's? A sleepover, of course! But despite all the excitement, despite Grandma's delicious special meal, and despite Grandpa's fun games, there's still a moment when home suddenly seems very far away. That's when Grandma tells a soothing story and presents a family heirloom--a quilt to keep her granddaughter cozy all night long. (Ages 4-8, $16.00)
Some stories become favored childhood classics with good reason, such as the tale of GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS. In Caralyn and Mark Buehner’s abundantly funny retelling, the time honored drama unfolds. This outrageously frilly, jump-roping Goldilocks skips through the bears’ house, reciting saucy rhymes as she goes. Her wide-eyed glee makes a hilarious contrast with the genteel bear family, and children will love poring over the wonderful visual details, such as the bear-related knickknacks slyly scattered throughout the cottage. (Ages 4-8, $16.99)

"How long is a second?" "A SECOND IS A HICCUP--the time it takes to kiss your mom, or jump a rope, or turn around." The newest book by acclaimed picture-book creators Hazel Hutchins and Kady McDonald Denton explains units of time in imaginative terms children can understand: A second lasts as long as a hiccup; a week is seven sleeps; and a year is the time it takes to grown into new shoes! Any parent who's been asked, "How long is a minute?" or any kid who's wondered, "What does 'an hour' mean?" will enjoy this smart, simple, and surprising book. (Ages 4-8, $16.99)
Caldecott Honor–winning Hondo and Fabian are back in FABIAN ESCAPES. The award-winning cat and dog duo returns for another set of adventures. This time, Hondo stays home while Fabian goes outside. Seen from a cat-and-dog’s-eye view, an ordinary day is elevated to an exciting new level. Peter McCarty’s simple text and signature lush watercolor-and-pencil illustrations make it clear that wherever these two furry friends go, mischief is sure to follow! (Ages 4-8, $16.95)

Great Books for Easter Baskets

LITTLE LAMB loves to play hide-and-seek! While searching for the perfect hiding place, she discovers that there is a world beyond the "green, green field" where she lives. She meets a cow, a pig, and a duck along the way, but soon Little Lamb is lost. Finally Piper, the friendly sheepdog, finds her and brings her back home to her mother. Beautifully illustrated by Piers Harper, this sweet, reassuring story features soft-to-touch furry animals on every page.
(Preschool-K, Paperback, $4.99)
Nick Denchfield and Ant Parker’s CHARLIE CHICK eats lots of barley and wheat and corn. He has BIG feet, a BIG mouth, and a BIG belly. In fact, there's only one thing bigger than Charlie Chick. . . . Join the fun in this great big book featuring enormous pop-ups on every spread, a sound chip, and a HUGE surprise at the end. (Preschool-K, $10.95)

The now classic Easter song "HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL!" was introduced in 1940 and immediately became the most popular Easter song ever. Today, the song is just as popular and Peter Cottontail is recognized by all as the "real" Easter Bunny. Steve Nelson, Jack Rollins, and Pamela R. Levy have created this fun board book with sound chip - open the cover and hear the popular Easter song, "Here Comes Peter Cottontail!" while reading the words of the book and the song. (Preschool-K, $12.99)
Duck & Goose, Goose & Duck. Feathered friends forever . . . or are they? That's what we discover in DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE the charming and hilarious follow-up to the best selling Duck & Goose by Tad Hills. You see, there's a challenge to their friendship: a little whippersnapper of a duck named Thistle. Thistle's good at everything (or so she thinks), from math to holding her breath to standing on her head. Duck thinks she's fantastic. But Goose does not! And so Goose is faced with a problem close to the hearts of children everywhere: what happens when your best friend makes a new friend? (Preschool-Grade 2, $15.99)

In Matthew Van Fleet's captivating new multiconcept book DOG, twenty breeds of capering canines demonstrate action words, opposites, synonyms, and more. Cleverly designed pull tabs and flaps plus ten "pettable" textures provide interactive treats that will have toddlers "arfing" along from start to surprising finish. Bow-WOW! (Preschool-K, $14.99)
The world’s funniest first grader is back in JUNIE B.,FIRST GRADER: DUMB BUNNY by Barbara Park. It's an Easter Egg-stravaganza! Lucille is having an Easter Egg Hunt at her rich expensive mansion! And guess what? The winner gets a play date to swim in Lucille's heated indoor swimming pool! Only, here is the problem. How did Junie B. get stuck wearing a big dumb bunny suit? And how can she possibly find eggs when she keeps tripping over her huge big rabbit feet? Being a dumb bunny is definitely not as easy as it looks. Will Junie B. end up with egg on her face? Or will the day deliver some very un-egg-spected surprises? (Grades 1-3, $11.99)

Perfect for tea parties or afternoon playtime, the PINK PRINCESS COOKBOOK by Barbara Beery is just what every girl needs to be the perfect princess. It includes full-color photography and step-by-step instructions for each recipe. Enchantingly good, delicious fun! (Age 7 up with parent help, $14.95)

New Nonfiction!

OWEN & MZEE: THE LANGUAGE OF FRIENDSHIP is the companion to the bestseller Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship. Father and daughter team Craig Hatkoff and Isabella Hatkoff, and Dr. Paula Kahumbu, director of the sanctuary which is the two friends’ home, continue the fascinating story of Owen and Mzee. Since Owen’s harrowing rescue and his enduring bond with Mzee, the hippo and the old tortoise are inseparable. In spite of their many obvious differences, their bond grows only stronger, which continues to baffle wildlife experts. What’s even more amazing is that Owen and Mzee seem to have developed their own "language" of soft sounds and gestures. Photographs by Peter Greste. (Ages 4 up, $16.99)

Award-winning artist Sylvia Long and author Dianna Hutts Aston have teamed up again to create A SEED IS SLEEPY in this gorgeous and informative introduction to seeds. From tiny redwood seeds to giant coconut seeds, from bright red-orange mountain laurel seeds to pods of fluffy milkweed seeds, an incredible variety of seeds are celebrated in all their beauty and wonder. Poetic in voice and elegant in design, the book introduces children to a fascinating array of seed and plant facts, making it a guide that is equally at home being read on a parent's lap as in a classroom reading circle.
(Ages 5-10, $16.95)
Lynn Curlee’s SKYSCRAPER delves into one of man's endless fascinations -- building as high in the sky as possible. From the Empire State Building to the Chrysler Building, to the Sears and Hancock Towers, to the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, to the World Trade Center, Curlee captures all the drama, excitement, and tragedy of man's attempt to reach ever closer to the clouds. SKYSCRAPER details the history of these monuments to ambition, science, and curiosity, beginning with their origins at the Pyramid of Giza and the Eiffel Tower and then moving to New York (the skyscraper capital of the world), Chicago, Boston, and finally to the skyward expansion that is spreading across the globe. (Ages 9-12, $17.99)

Poetry to Enjoy With Children

Each of the exquisite twenty-three poems in ANIMAL POEMS, a posthumous collection by Valerie Worth, carefully distinguishes one animal from all other creatures and captures it in all of its wonderful singularity – from wasp to snake to wren. The way Worth perfectly illuminates the uniqueness of each animal in her precise and elegant free verse will delight both fans of her celebrated Small Poems and readers encountering her poetry for the first time. Breathtakingly rich cut-paper illustrations by Steve Jenkins provide a perfect counterpoint to Worth’s spare style, and together poetry and picture bring every animal vividly to life. (Ages 4 up, $17.00)
Award winning poet Jack Prelutsky has been honored as the Poetry Foundation’s first Children’s Poet Laureate. In his latest book, ME I AM!, three very different children reveal their individual personalities in a series of visual mini adventures. Readers meet a mischievous tomboy who would rather roller skate than wear a frilly dress, an inquisitive nature loving boy, and an artistic ballerina who puts her own spin on Swan Lake. Finally, in a wild and funny climax, the three collide – only to discover a world full of unique and special "ME’s." With exuberant art by Christine Davenier and Prelutsky’s gleeful verse, this empowering celebration of individuality and diversity is just right for any young child discovering his or her own self – and the fun of being ME! (Ages 3-7, $16.00)

Blast off with Douglas Florian's new high-flying compendium COMETS, STARS, THE MOON, AND MARS, which features twenty whimsical poems about space. From the moon to the stars, from the Earth to Mars, here is an exuberant celebration of our celestial surroundings that's certain to become a universal favorite among aspiring astronomers everywhere. Includes die-cut pages and a glossary of space terms.
(Ages 9-12, $16.00)
COLLECTED POEMS FOR CHILDREN brings together the more than 250 children’s poems England’s Poet Laureate Ted Hughes wrote throughout his career. The 272 pages are arranged by volume, beginning with those published for younger readers and progressing to more complex and sophisticated poems that he felt were written "within hearing" of children. Throughout, Hughes reveals his instinctive grasp of a child’s insatiable wonderment and sense of humor as well as his own instinctive and illuminating perspective on people and other creatures of the natural world. Illustrated by Raymond Briggs. (Ages 8 up, $18.00)

Baseball Anyone?

MICHAEL’S GOLDEN RULES by Deloris and Roslyn M. Jordan, mother and sister of basketball superstar Michael Jordan, tells a family story of personal best, friendship, and teamwork that will inspire. Kadir Nelson's radiant illustrations illuminate this story of what it really means to be a champion. Jonathan wants to win more than anything. But the Badgers haven't seen much of that lately. For Jonathan, the only good thing about the baseball season is being on the same team as his best friend, Michael. Jonathan wants to believe in himself and his team, but it's getting harder to do. Then when Michael's uncle Jack tells the boys about his golden rules of baseball, Jonathan is confused. What could Uncle Jack mean -- there is more to a good game than winning or losing? "I've learned it takes heart to come out a winner every time, whether you win or lose." -- Michael Jordan (Ages 4-8, $16.99)

STEALING HOME - JACKIE ROBINSON: AGAINST THE ODDS by Robert Burleigh and illustrated by Mike Wimmer. Man on third. Two outs. The pitcher eyes the base runner, checks for the sign. The fans in the jammed stadium hold their breath. Flapping his outstretched arms like wings, number 42 leads off again. It is September 1955, game one of the World Series, the Yankees versus the Dodgers, and Jackie Robinson is about to do the unbelievable. Attempt to steal home. In a World Series game. To race a baseball thrown from the pitcher’s mound and win! Is it possible? Yes, it is - if you are Jackie Robinson! (Ages 6-9, $16.99)

GAME 1: BARNSTORMERS. Griffith, Graham, and Ruby's father passed away in the war. And now they must join their mother and their father's wartime traveling baseball team, The Travelin' Nine, on a tour of America to raise money. No one will tell the kids why the team needs money so badly. Their only clue is a baseball with a hole the size of an acorn in it that their Uncle Owen gave to them the night of their father's funeral. They know very little about its significance except that their father made it with his own two hands and carried it with him throughout the war. And when all three kids hold the ball, strange things begin to happen... Loren Long and Phil Bildner create an action packed parable wherein three siblings embark on an adventure of a lifetime and discover the strength in family, the power of faith, and the true magic of baseball. (Ages 7-11, $9.99)

101 REASONS TO LOVE THE DODGERS by Ron Green, Jr. is a 120 page celebration in words and pictures of one of baseball’s most popular franchises. From Ebbets Field to Chavez Ravine, from the Bridegrooms to Eric Gagne, the Dodgers have been an enduringly successful part of the American sports landscape. Much of baseball’s history is colored in Dodger blue. Great gift for Father’s Day!
(For baseball lovers of all ages, $14.95)

Adventure and More…

TITANIC: THE SHIP OF DREAMS by Ken Geist brings history to life in this gorgeous volume as readers follow a young boy's passage on the Titanic. Through his journals and loads of incredible novelty features, readers will get a unique inside look at the impressive luxury ship and her maiden voyage. Novelty features include: pop-ups, pull tabs, slide mechanisms, fold-out maps, and booklets for additional Titanic information. TITANIC offers readers fabulous new insight into what it was really like aboard the luxury boat with photographs, letters, and journal entries. ( For Titanic enthusiasts of all ages, $18.99)

THE WIZARDOLOGY HANDBOOK: A Course for Apprentices (Ologies) by Dugald A. Steer is THE ultimate companion to the best-selling WIZARDOLOGY — an indispensable handbook for would-be wizards everywhere! Calling all aspiring wizards! Do you know the appropriate tools (including flattery) to have on hand should you encounter a Western wizard? Have you memorized the spell for summoning a unicorn familiar? Can you follow the steps for releasing magical powers in a lump of rock or piece of metal? What role do natural objects and animals play in the mysterious ways of the shaman? From charts to booklets to lessons, from fascinating stories to free-form spells to create on your own, this elaborate workbook contains all the elements needed for transforming the reader into a wizard worthy of Merlin himself. (Ages 8 up, $12.99)
This title will be available April 10.
Conjured up by Ed Masessa, THE WANDMAKER’S HANDBOOK will instruct any young apprentice in the fine art of wand construction! This guidebook covers every aspect of making your own wand, from the type of wood to the powers that you can create with natural elements like sand, herbs, feathers and more. Your personal powers can be placed in the twist off handle. What kind of wand will you make? The kit includes a very detailed 24 page book with pull-out drawer, wooden wand with removable handle, 3 different feathers, 3 vials with different colored sand, and a vial of multicolored stones. (Ages 8 up, $19.99)

PIRATEPEDIA features high-sea rogues, their vessels, hide-outs, cunning adventures, and gnarly ends. This 128-page DK guide by Alisha Niehaus explores pirates from around the world and from ancient history through modern times. Designed as a hip time-travel journal into the pirate past, this compendium of the sea scoundrel's world includes all the detail of classic DK reference as well as excerpts from favorite piratical fiction-making PIRATEPEDIA a swashbuckling volume kids won't want to walk the plank without! (Ages 8-12, $12.99)
Dale Peck’s THE LOST CITIES: A DRIFT HOUSE VOAYGE begins when Charles and Susan return to Canada on their summer vacation to visit their Uncle Farley and his amazing house, Drift House. But when a tidal wave washes Susan, Uncle Farley, and the house out on the Sea of Time - leaving Charles behind with only a parrot for company - the shifts in time become more serious, and the children question whether that wanted such an adventure in the first place. Traveling from a Viking colony in Greenland, to the Tower of Babel and all its ill-fated destruction, the closer Charles and Susan get to each other, the further they seem to be from home - in time and space. A powerful, fast-paced sequel to Drift House, The Lost Cities continues the journeys of the Oakenfield children as they attempt to stop time from stopping itself. (Age 9 up, $16.95)

New from Brian SelznickTHE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET. Orphan, clock keeper, and thief, Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. But when his world suddenly interlocks - like the gears of the clocks he keeps - with an eccentric, bookish girl and a bitter old man who runs a toy booth in the train station, Hugo’s undercover life and his most precious secret are put in jeopardy. A cryptic drawing, a treasured notebook, a stolen key, a mechanical man, and a hidden message from Hugo’s dead father form the backbone of this intricate, tender, and spellbinding mystery. With 284 pages of original drawings, and combining elements of picture book, graphic novel and film, Brian Selznick breaks open the novel form to create an entirely new reading experience. Here is a stunning, cinematic tour de force from a boldly innovative storyteller, artist and bookmaker. (544 pages, ages 9-12, $22.99)
THE MISADVENTURES OF BENJAMIN BARTHOLOMEW PIFF: YOU WISH by Jason Lethcoe introduces us to Benjamin Bartholomew Piff. On his eleventh birthday, sad, orphaned Benjamin accidentally adheres to all of the wishing rules—and, in wishing for the mother lode of limitless wishes, he unknowingly sets into a motion a chain of events that threatens to disrupt the balance between the magical realm of wishes and curses. Before long, Benjamin has been recruited by the Wishworks Factory director himself to fight the evil henchmen of the Curseworks Factory. In the process, Benjamin will reclaim his original wish—giving new credence to the old adage: "Be careful what you wish for…" (Ages 9-12, $9.99)

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